28/06/2013 - Giulia / GTV Interior Light Lenses:

We recently finished production of the correct later type courtesy light lenses
for Giulia / GTV models 1971-on with the transparent inserts.

These were not available new for many years. We also make the plain version.
Better-than-original quality, NO fitment issues like other aftermarket parts...

Mounting screws included.

Products -> Interior.

04/07/2012 - 'ROMABLOK' Hose Clamps FINALLY back in stock...
After nearly 2 years and much effort, these rare items are now available again:

Conveniently listed with part #'s and usage

Products -> UnderHood Detailing.

17/10/2011 - Hood Serpents:

The famous snake on the hood of your Alfa!
Easy application - Now available in White, Black, Green and Red.

Products -> Exterior.

15/07/2011 - Color Code Decals:

4 New Colors added to our array of Paint Code Decals: Bianco CapoDiMonte 018,
Grigio Medio 223, Luci Del Bosco 524 and Grigio Medio Metallizzato 728.

See Products -> Decals.

03/02/2011 - Alfetta GTV6 2.5 Rear Emblem:

We have reproduced the rear script emblem of this great Alfa.
Concours Quality. See Products -> Exterior.

20/09/2010 - Spider Veloce Vehicle Type Decal:

Underhood vehicle type decal for 115.38 Spider Veloce models, 1975-1982.
Concours Quality. See Products -> Restoration Decals.

22/04/2010 - Giulia Series Rear-View Mirror Support Screw:

New Giulia & GT/GTV rear-view mirror support screw. These deteriorate with age and break when dimantling.
Prevents vibrations during driving and is an essential safety item. See Products -> Interior section.